BuJo Baby Steps

Rome — they say — was not built in a day.  Nor will be my bullet journal.

Implementation Plan

I do not see a bullet journal as the sole single option for life planning and management.  Its a great tool — but with some limits.

Specifically, for managing fixed, date-based events (including recurring ones), a calendar — in my case, the Google calendar — are perfect at scheduling and reminding me. The calendar is integrated with my smartphone so I have a calendar and alert system with me.


Plan is:

  1. Set-up my bullet journal (Ryder Carroll’s video)
  2. Tweak design e.g. page layouts, and methods e.g. system of bullets, to fit my needs and context
  3. Transfer my tasks from bits of paper, in-boxes and electronic lists (workflowy, in my case!) into the bullet journal
  4. Create collections of data/lists as needed
  5. Immediately enter any new items (tasks, ideas, etc.) into my bullet journal — as date-based or into master task list or a collection
  6. Regularly (at least daily) review my tasks lists and collections— migrate and delete as needed

Above all – keep it simple & workable!!

What not to do!

In tackling any project, I have learnt that you always try to bite off more than you can chew.  A quick reminder to myself of what to avoid (these work for others, but are unlikely to be for me):

  1. Goal Setting.  I am not goal-driven by nature; my inner life and happiness is driven by good relationships which emerge from my surroundings and work/life activities — not something which is “taskable”.
  2. Decorating.  I admire the multi-colored, doodle-driven, washi-enhanced efforts of many journallers. Admire, but will not copy!
  3. Digitizing.  I am not interested in hybrid systems so creating digital versions of what is a sensible way to manage life at a reasonable level is not something to do.
  4. Duplication.  Daily life is a mixed-up combination of work, home, and personal activities and responsibilities — so having a single bullet journal makes lots of sense.
  5. Project Planning.  Detailed project planning, with long lists of tasks and sub-tasks, plus schedules etc. is not something to tackle in a bullet journal; rather use it to capture brief notes and ideas as inputs the projects. Daily “do it now” tasks can be drawn from the project plan into the journal.

Breaking News…

Its arrived — fresh out of the courier box!



BuJo Baby Steps