Boxes vs Lists

One aspect of bujo I am slowly coming to appreciate is the power of lists.

You can look at a more traditional planner as a series of boxes into which you put things; for example, each day on the calendar has a little box to itself.  This has its pros but also its cons. Its very neat and tidy but also somewhat restricting: what if only two things happens on day one, but twenty on day two, then nothing happens for the next three— now all that blank space starts to look a little bare, if not actually messy.

A bullet journal, on the other hand, is almost completely open-ended.  A list has no clearly defined end— which can give it an unfinished look— but that also means it imposes no restrictions on you whatsoever.  The “mandate” to allow lists to spill-over across pages— wherever they are— and then thread them all together – is a very liberating concept.

When I was thinking about “improved” future planning for the weeks ahead, my first instinct (as a “newbie”) was to create a whole series of boxes— quite tiny boxes!  I started writing teeny-tiny notes into them and also started worrying about running out of space.  Then it hit me—  there is an unlimited amount of space in my journal (…and its successors) so why am I cutting myself off from it??

Toss out the boxes— break out the lists!

Image Credit: Nadina Wiórkiewicz Nadine90 commons: Nadine90 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Boxes vs Lists

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